Remote Online Notary

Remote Online Notary Services through Jennifer A Garner, P.A.

Working with our clients to achieve their goals

Need to utilize a Remote Online Notary Service for you to sign and complete your legal documents. The law office of Jennifer A. Garner, P.A. has a fully established method to help you succeed in your notary goals.

Our process is simple and easy: With a few basic requirements you can begin the process.

  • The signer can be located anywhere in the world to be assisted by a Florida Remote Notary as long as they are a US Citizen.
  • The signer must use a laptop or personal computer to complete the Remote Online Notary document signing.
  • All devices MUST have a camera and microphone.
  • The signer must pass an Identification Verification process as required by the State of Florida
  • A good internet connection is essential to complete a Remote Notary

This video can help you to understand the process and how easy it can be.

Remote Online Notary

How To Start The Process

Remote Camera Notary is secure, fast and easy. No need to become overwhelmed or frustrated by these steps as we are ready to answer your questions during the video conference. Non signers can watch the RON session to assist with language issues, comfort a parent, or answer questions if a title officer/attorney.

Start Your RON Session Now

FIRST – Contact our office to schedule your signing. It is our policy to provide same day service when available. We reserve certain appointment times each day for documents NOT REQUIRING WITNESSES and have witnesses on stand-by during certain hours each week day for documents.

REQUIRING WITNESSES. The RON Notary will contact you for payment and schedule your RON appointment during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST) after your information is reviewed and accepted. There is no guarantee of a specific date or time for a RON Appointment.

If your documents are ready for a Remote Online Notarization (RON), complete the ✔CHECK LIST.

SUBMIT - the following required information to:

  • Email unsigned document(s) in WORD (.doc or docx) or .pdf format
  • Describe the ID type for each signer (Include name of State issuing the ID) (ID cannot be expired) (US PASSPORTS ARE ALLOWED)
  • Provide for each signer :
    • Email address
    • Full legal name
    • Home address
  • (Optional) Offer a suggested date and time for your Remote Online Notary appointment. This information can be a useful guide, but is not a guarantee.

Easy RON Steps

Non signers can watch the RON session to assist with language issues, comfort a parent, or answer questions if a title officer/attorney.

  • Check your email for an invitation to the RON Appointment.
  • TO PASS IDENTITY VERIFICATION A Signer needs to upload a photograph of their State Issued Identification or US Passport (cannot be expired) Please take photos in Landscape View, on a dark surface with no glare.
  • Signer will be asked to input social security number (no dashes) and date of birth.
  • KBA QUESTIONS are the next step. You will be asked 3-5 questions from your credit history. This is timed. If a Signer FAILS, they have additional attempts to verify identity. Start again by closing out of the browser and website; then click the link from the to Review Documents email and try again. The State of Florida only allows three attempts to answer KBA Questions. If a Signer fails twice, they will be unable to continue, and the RON Session ends for all signers.
  • SIGNING DOCUMENT is the final step. Select the SIGN button next to each of your signatures. Scroll to the bottom of the document. When completed you will be able to select the FINISHED button. You are now finished but do not leave the RON Session.
  • RETRIEVE YOUR NOTARIZED DOCUMENTS. When Notary is finished and the session ends, in a few minutes you will notice on your laptop or personal computer screen a new option to Download. If you closed out of your browser, wait for an email within ten minutes with a link to access your document. If you are unable to access your completed notarized document, contact our office and request a copy.